Environmental / Sustainability

PG&E Gas Transmission Line Easement

The site contains two high pressure natural gas lines that run through the middle of the parcel. Our development team has worked closely with PG&E to make sure we are compliant in every fashion to ensure the safety of the community and our future guests. The proposed hotel is not requesting to relocate the lines, we are not requesting to build any structures on the lines, and we are fully compliant with the required setbacks from the lines.

Environmental Impacts & Sustainability features

Heritage Oak Trees

The project is not requesting to remove, replace or endanger any of the many existing heritage oak trees on the site. In-fact our current proposed landscape plan will add XXX large native oak trees to the site.


The proposed hotel is considered to be part of the Novato Hill Side ordinance that protects the ridgeline view of a 80-foot knoll that is behind the proposed hotel. The project is within the means of the Hill Side ordinance in that it does not silhouette against the skyline when viewed from the streets. Furthermore, the dominant feature behind the hotel, Mount Burdell will be unobstructed. 


The project contains roughly .8 acres of seasonal wetlands. The wetlands are not home to any endangered species and are considered a very low-quality wetland by environmental experts. The project is not seeking to remove, replace, fill or otherwise damage this wetland. The project is in-fact seeking to enhance the wetland with better hydrology and implementing a multi-year Wetland Management Plan. This management plan will provide native species an improved and protected habitat for years to come. A 20-foot setback is being provided under the direction of several biologists experts which all have agreed is more than sufficient buffer for the wetland. 


The hotel will feature many green initiatives when being built and once in operation. Some of the initiatives include:



  • Low-flow toilets, faucets, and shower heads in all guestrooms, public spaces, and back of house

  • Energy Star refrigerators in guest rooms

  • LED lighting throughout all areas of hotel, interior, and exterior

  • High-efficiency, cold water and water efficient washing for linen laundry and guest laundry

  • Guest room linen and towel replacement upon request program

  • High-efficiency guestroom vtac units

  • Variable speed pool pumps with timer controls

  • Graywater recycling system for landscaping and irrigation

  • Use of drought tolerant plants in landscape

  • Large natural Bioretention areas for storm water run off treatment

  • Free loaner bike program to reduce car usage and carbon footprint

  • Hotel point incentive who utilize alternative transportation when traveling to and from the hotel

  • Electric vehicle charging stations

  • Recycle Waste collection and diversion program in all guest rooms, public areas, work areas and kitchen

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