Zoning and Land Use

Land Use

The proposed hotel is consistent with the current Novato General Plan. The site has excellent proximity and visibility to US 101 for guests convenience and it has good neighborhood compatibility being adjacent to over 800,000 square feet of proposed and built office space.

The site was specifically pointed out and designated as a potential hotel site in the current General Plan;


Policy EC 2 & 22 and LU 1A (link)


“…Visitor Serving Uses. Sites with freeway visibility that are designated for Business and Professional Office (BPO) use on the General Plan Land Use map shall include visitor-serving hotel/motel and accessory commercial uses. This policy shall apply to the areas in northern Novato at the northwest corner of Redwood Blvd. and Wood Hollow Dr. (San Marin Business Park)…”


Furthermore, in a more recent targeted study, namely the North, North Redwood Blvd Corridor Study (link) the following was concluded about the Wood Hollow (Novato Hotel) Site:


  • Retain existing land use designation and zoning of the site for Business/Professional Office.

  • Take vehicular access to the site from Redwood Boulevard.

  • Respect existing wetlands and oak trees in project design.

  • Take into account slope stability and the presence of gas transmission pipelines in project design and siting of buildings.


(all of which have been met)



The current Novato Hotel Project is designed to comply with all current zoning standards (e.g. height, setback, landscaping, parking, etc.). The use of a hotel on this site is consistent with the zoning of the property (BPO) and the current and proposed general plans policies and goals and meets all the staff recommendations of the 2014 North, North Redwood Blvd Corridor Study.


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